Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Disruption Will This Work Cause?

While with all building work there is disruption, we pride ourselves on doing our best to reduce this as much as possible. For example if you were having a new kitchen fitted by us then we would try to keep your services like your old sink connected for as long as possible. Then when it finally becomes time to replace the sink we will try and take the old one out and connect the new one the same day.

Will The Work Be Dusty And Dirty?

Dirt and dust come hand in hand with building work. Many of us are haunted by images of mud and dust spreading throughout the house. We will provide you with information on ways to reduce the amount of dust spread for example by keeping doors closed during periods of prolonged dust. We also have a reputation for a maintaining a clean site. Where possible we seal doors and put up polythene screens and put down dust sheets to stop dust and dirt spreading. We pride ourselves on keeping a clean and tidy site and clean as regularly as possible to maintain this.