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Experienced Builders With Strong Local Knowledge

Do you require an experienced builder in Leamington Spa that you can trust? If so, look no further than Mark Whyte Builders. We are a family-run business with over 40 years of experience in providing comprehensive building jobs in the Leamington and Warwick area, combining traditional knowledge with modern methods to give you a sensational finish. Along with carpentry and bricklaying, our builders in Leamington Spa are fully qualified to perform renovations, loft conversions, extensions, and much more. As one of the oldest family-run builders in the area, our knowledge of the local housing stock is second to none, allowing us to form a closer working relationship with you and your home. Moreover, we always take cleaning up after ourselves extremely seriously, enabling you to go about your life as normal whilst we work.

As full members of the Federation of Master Builders and the Government’s Trustmark scheme, you can count on our builders in Leamington Spa    to turn your building dreams into a reality, so why not get in touch and see what we can do for you.


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Meet the Team





Having worked in carpentry since the age of 15 and founded our company in 1984, you can count on Mark to get every angle, fitting and material absolutely perfect throughout the building process. An incredibly skilled, tidy worker, Mark guarantees consistency and engages with clients in a simple, honest way. His many years of working as a builder in Leamington Spa, doing exceptional jobs on an incalculable number of properties, mean that he is well known and respected by the local public.

Hobby: Caravanning   



Combined with Mark’s wealth of traditional knowledge, which he imbibed during his apprenticeship, Tom brings a modern angle to his work, bridging the divide between the two generations. Specialising in bricklaying, Tom is extremely calculated and meticulous in everything that he does. Like his father, his skills as a builder go beyond carpentry and bricklaying, and now serves as the director of operations, liaising with clients and organising the work schedule.

Hobby: Eating out at restaurants   


There from the beginning, Angela serves as the crucial engine behind the operation, taking care of all administration duties and preparing accounts. When you choose Mark Whyte Builders, Angela will be the one who processes all estimates and invoices in an efficient, business-like manner. She is remarkably adept at managing several matters at one time, as shown by her ability to couple this administration role with raising four children and working a part-time job!

Hobby: Cooking and reading   


Charlotte heads our social media platform, giving our online feeds a more streamlined, modern touch as a means of promoting our work. She also helps out Angela with administration duties, with a view towards taking over completely in the long-term, and will also be involved in communications with customers. Speaking with both the builders and Charlotte allows for you to get a better impression of our building service as a whole.

Hobby: Socialising with friends and music 






Get in Touch

We are a team of builders in Leamington Spa and Warwick who take a meticulous approach to building jobs, so if you require carpentry, bricklaying or any other building service, get in contact with Mark Whyte Builders.

Whatever your requirements you can be assured that Mark Whyte Builders can meet them.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Disruption Will This Work Cause?

While builders will inevitably bring some disruption, we are well-known for providing a bespoke service that allows for you to continue with your daily life as normal. For instance, if we are fitting a new kitchen for you, our builders in Leamington Spa will keep your main services - such as the sink - connected for as long as possible. When it becomes necessary to remove the sink, we will do our best to remove the old one and install another on the same day.

Will the Work Be Dusty and Dirty?

Many clients are rightly conscious of having dirt and dust fill their home during building projects. With Mark Whyte Builders, however, we take every possible step to keep your home clean. This means taking extreme care with mopping floors, hoovering, keeping materials covered and neat, ensuring that the roadside remains clear, along with putting up polythene screens and laying down dust sheets in order to prevent the spread of dust and dirt.

Can You Carry Out a Complete Project or Certain Parts of a Project?

Every customer is different, and so is every building job, which is why we pride ourselves on providing a service that meets your exact demands. If you are undertaking a complete renovation of your home and only want us to work on the kitchen, we can do that. Alternatively, our builders can work with you for every step of the process, taking care of every last detail until you are satisfied.



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